Thursday, 3 December 2009

Leg Action - Tailgate

An obscure 12" from the Conemelt brigade, released on Two Straight Roads in 1995.

This is the work of Ashley and Nat from Conemelt, and was on the same label as this early post. Two very bizarre tracks, with unusual rhythms and percussion. Not in the sinister category, more just 'WTF'. Nice squelchy acidy bass on the AA side right enough.

Check out what Ashley's been up to recently over on Myspazz - Mr Prolific never seems to stop.

Hmmm... Leg Action, Chemical Imbalance - sounds like last weekend all over again...

Leg Action - Tailgate
A - Tailgate
AA - Chemical Imbalance

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ugomonio said...

extra rare! thank you! <3