Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Love And Rockets - Resurrection Hex (Remixes By Deep Dish)

Remix 12" released 1998 on 'Red Ant Entertainment' records.

Love And Rockets? That would be Daniel Ash and David J from Bauhaus, along with David J's wee bruv Kevin. All remixed by Deep Dish (who I was going through a wee phase of at this point).

I was always amazed at the success Love And Rockets had in the USA, as they had fuck all here. I remember they even attempted a scary/comedy/novelty record in the UK called The Bubblemen Are Coming which I duly bought - it was pish though, as you'll realise if you clicked the link there.

What are the mixes like? Well, the A side's an epic dubby, smoky, hissy 12 minute journey with lots of sampled vocal whispers and a big ole bass hook that goes right through you. Despite the name of the mix, there's no samples of "Kick In The Eye" on B1, but instead another fab dub-house mix that goes easy on the vocals this time. B2 is one of those bonus beats/breaks things that I've just stuck on for completion - not much worth bothering about there.

This one goes out to Nolan Micron from the mighty Castles In Space blog, now with added Spinsters Rock. Welcome back to the planet, old son...

Love And Rockets - Resurrection Hex (Remixes By Deep Dish)
A - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Luv 'N' Dub Mix)
B1 - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Kick In The Eye Dub)
B2 - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Hex Beats)

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BONG14 said...

Wee bruv Kevin was actually the drummer from Bauhaus.

shift_4ward said...

woweee!!! love & rockets :D

Moggieboy said...

Sorry anon - aint got the Barbarella mixes...