Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Robert Armani - The Best Of

Bizarre 'partially mixed' EP from 1997 on ACV.

So... you're Robert Armani, every cunt knows the Hardfloor mix of Circus Bells and most others know the tracks off THAT remix double-pack, but what about your own stuff? Why not release a 12" with three studio tracks, a 'live' track and a megamix of 9 other tracks? Call it a 'best of'? Aye go on then...

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of all the Armani nonsense, it just seems a kinda weird thing to chuck out on your own label.

The megamix, however, is outstanding! Makes you hanker for the original versions of all the tracks. I had a CD of all this stuff at one point but it bit the dust. Will need to hunt it down again.

Some great pounding rhythmic techno here to liven up an otherwise grim Tuesday evening...

Robert Armani - The Best Of
A1 - Ambulance Two
A2 - Circus Bells Rmx
A3 - Armani Trax Part Two
A4 - Watch It (Live In Rome)
B - Megamix:
- Ambulance Two
- Remote Control
- Muzic Man
- Over Load
- Watch It Rmx
- Frequency
- Armani Tracks Part Two
- Circus Bells
- Moon Light

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Pedro said...

Dude, love me some Armani. Originator of booty tech? Ha! His shit was on point when you needed the joint to get on another level. Thanks, bro.