Monday, 18 January 2010

Exquisite Corpse - Dream Night Dance Music

Debut album released in 1992 on KK Records.

This was one of a bunch that I got sent just before Xmas from official friend of Ripped In Glasgow, Tim Freeman.

It reminds me of some of the stuff which featured on the first PWOG album (which I no longer seem to have), which isn't surprising seeing as how this album was Tim and Robbert Heynen. He also included their first ever single, X-Out, which I've included here as a pair of bonus tracks. Tim wasn't involved at that point so you can get a good idea of what he added to their sound when you compare it to the main album. After Tim left, Robbert was joined by Debbie Jones, who sadly died a number of years ago. Robert's still producing stuff as Enkidada and Tim's doing the odd bit as well, which I'll put up in due course.

I've just sat and listened to the whole thing again and it is a beautiful collection of tracks. Just the thing for when you get sent home from your work due to a power cut (which hopefully won't get sorted anytime soon). Check out these reviews on Discogs which um it up very nicely. Contrasts well with the later EC stuff, like Chalice/Kupuri which was one of my first ever posts (and one of my first ever fuck-ups).

Aye, anyone with an interest in the spooked-out sounds of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia should definitely check this out...

Exquisite Corpse - Dream Night Dance Music
1 - Etoiles
2 - Sitting In A Tree (Time Flies)
3 - B.K.S.
4 - Sacrifice
5 - Strange Attractor
6 - Elevator
7 - Bonus Track - X-Out
8 - Bonus Track - Strange Attractor - Original Mix

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Step said...

I'm the first to dl it !!!!! Thank you for tha share !

Nightlight said...

I guess the extras are from the KK 082 12"?

alanz said...


Moggieboy said...

Nightlight - yup that's the one.

Anonymous said...

nice rip man. I take it all back..thanz ma friend...