Thursday, 4 February 2010

Two Lone Swordsmen - Sex Beat

12" from 2004 on Rotters, which I am uploading to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Lux Interior's passing. I thought this would be more fitting than a predictable Cramps tune, and it's more in tune with the sort of stuff I've posted previously (Weatherall? Predictable? Me?)

This was the first 2LS 'band' track I heard and couldn't believe my ears! Weatherall singing! A Gun Club tune! With guitars! Magic!

I saw them play at the Arches on the back of the Double Gone Chapel album, at one of those "hunners-of-cunts-playing-in-different-arches" affairs that were always sweaty as fuck. I'd promised myself never to go back to a club night there as it was getting a bit neddy (and I was knocking on a bit), but this was an exception. I remember this sweaty gurning cunt with his top off appearing next to me down the front, pointed stagewards and going "is that Green Velvet pal?" --> hmm, nuff said. The band were ACE, and I'd sell my granny to get my paws on a live set from them at around this time.

There are instrumental versions of each mix on the 12" but you're not getting them as, (a) I felt it was a wee bit too soon to stick the whole thing up, (b) Weatherall's vocal, maaaan, and (c) I couldn't be arsed.

So there you go. Lux, RIP wherever you are and please don't any other musical hero die this year...

Two Lone Swordsmen - Sex Beat
A - Sex Beat
B - Sex Beat (Remix)

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Anonymous said...

is it really a year since the great man's passing?
anyone who has not heard the cramps should really check them out ,there is not one bad album.
thank you moggieboy for this tribute.
cheers david.

swissadam said...

Great track, saw them at live at Sankey's probably the same tour you saw them. Good night out.

nattymari said...

I listened, figuring Lux did the vocals of the cover, but I'm confused??? The Gun Club did "SEx Beat" - it was written and performed by Jeffery Lee Pierce (R.I.P. as well) - despite the fact that he also wrote a love song for Lux's wife, I don't think the Cramps and the Gun Club ever had much to do with each other.