Friday, 14 May 2010

Andrew Weatherall - Vice Mixtape

Well it's been a while...

This is a great mix of (mostly) noisy guitar and dubby nonsense and it's doing the job for me right now. Despite getting regular emails from Vice, I didn't clock this mix until Johnnyboy posted it on the Primal Scream forum. Cheers pal!

Think I'm gonna check out quite a lot of the acts on here that I've not heard of before, he seems to be digging Higamos Hogamos quite a bit just now as there's another track by them on an exclusive mix CD that's being given out to the first 100 punters to arrive at his new monthly residency. From the latest Rotters mailout:

"Starting next Thursday (20th May) Andrew and Sean Johnston are launching a monthly residency at intimate new Stoke Newington hangout, The Drop. Welcome to the Psych-Disco - never knowingly exceeding 122..."

Looks like a winner, although I can't imagine I'll be down in London on a Thursday night for the forseeable future. The tracklisting for the CDs is here. If anyone reading this goes along then you know what to do...

Andrew Weatherall - Vice Mixtape
1 - Hygiene - The Things That Dreams Are Made of
2 - Wounded Lion - Degobah System
3 - Django Django - Wor
4 - The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire
5 - The Oscillation - The 3rd Harmonic
6 - Kante - Die Summe Der Einzelnen Teile
7 - Higamos Hogomos - Deuced
8 - Harlem - Friendly Ghost
9 - Ty Segall - Bullet Proof Nothing
10 - The Liminas - I’m Dead
11 - Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
12 - Getatchen Mekuria and The Ex - Etheopia Hagere
13 - The Fall - Hot Cake
14 - The Vermin Poets - Vermin Poets
15 - Lord Auch - Lettre De Cachet
16 - Second Layer - Underneath the Gloss

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Moggieboy said...

I've got a few tracks by HH but the full album. Any uploads would be appreciated - moggieboy at the gmail thang. Did you get the Neu! links I sent you (twice)?

swiss adam said...

I've been hammering this Vice mix the last few days. Thanks Moggie. Any chance you can upload some of the Higamos Hogamos stuff refered to above?