Monday, 24 May 2010

Hardway Bros - Brother Johnston's Outer Space Consultation (ALFOS CD Mix)

Exclusive CD mix issued to the first 30 punters into the club on Thursday night.

Well, whaddya know - sometimes it pays to chance your arm. When I posted the recent Weatherall Vice Mixtape I asked for a copy of the CD from the new night down at The Drop in Stoke Newington, expecting fuck-all but you never know. I got an email in today from his partner in crime, Sean Johnston, with a link to his mix. Superb!

A very interesting tracklisting, starting off with a couple from the Phantom Band (what Can became after Can, and no relation to Glasgow's own Phantom Band who were on fire when I saw them recently, no siree.) There's a good wee article on Resident Advisor that gives you a bit more of an idea about the new project, which sounds like it would be right up my street. Must make sure I get down to London on a Thursday night at the earliest opportunity. Can't wait to hear the new remix of Walk Of Shame either.

Sean finished off his email with "I'll send you Andrew's when I actually get one myself...", so fingers crossed for that one.

In the meantime this is sounding mighty fine, ideal for a hot summer's afternoon. Makes me want to stick it on outside with some cold beer. Monday afternoon tho, hmmm...

Thanks a million for this one, Sean...

Hardway Bros - Brother Johnston's Outer Space Consultation (ALFOS CD Mix) <- new linky
1 - Phantom Band - Dangerous Conversation
2 - Phantom Band - E>F>1
3 - Beard Sciece - Chicken Choke (Hedford Vachal)
4 - Alcada Mendes - Coaster (Idjut Boys Mix 2)
5 - Conrad Schnitzler - Aud Dem Schwarzen Canal
6 - Harmonia / Eno - Vamos Companeros
7 - Michoacan - In The Dark Of The Night
8 - Jarle Braathen - Takros
9 - Goblin - Jennifers Friends
10 - David Bowie - Arabia (Matt Moroder Edit)
11 - Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
12 - Marcus Marr - Pleasure Moon
13 - Visti & Meyland - Stars

Buy Hardway Bros stuff here
Check out the tunes on Sean's Soundcloud page


swiss adam said...

This looks good- ta Moggie, and Sean

Ron said...

This is totally jamming, brightened up my Monday evening no end. Cheers, look forward to the Weatherall mix mate

James said...

Help! "user account has been deleted due to too much traffic"? Do you have a version you can re-up? Thx Mog

Moggieboy said...

No probs James - I actually had the foresight to pre-empt this - most out of character! New link here:

placid casual said...

Weatherall at Move in Galashiels Friday 28th May

Novemberer said...

Cheers, was wondering if I'd get to hear this... x

Rey Rey said...

Here here! Hearing "Stranglehold" was a highlight and the rest of the mix absolutely ruled! Weatherall's companion mix kills as well. Thanks again for the musical gems!