Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Andrew Weatherall - Pulse Radio Podcast

Brand spanking new podcast hot off the press, courtesy of the fab people over at Pulse Radio.

Just got this sent from Rotters via email, and they included this nugget with it:

"Mr W also asked me to let you know that tomorrow he's doing a surprise Double Gone Chapel night at Cocomo in Old St, London. It's free to get in and he's playing from 8-12. Hope some of you can make it - sorry for the short notice."

So there you go , Londoners - an early finish freebie on a school night (Wed 7th July) - you don't get many of them up here. Get the fuck down if you're in the area - no excuses. There's an interview here to accompany the mix as well.

This mix isn't quite as Balearic as the one posted down below, but is still summer-tastic, recommended with bells on...

Andrew Weatherall - Pulse Radio Podcast
1 - Phantom/Ghost - The Shadow (II)
2 - Nick Chacona - Be Like Olive
3 - Steve Bug - Trust In Me (John Daly Remix)
4 - Space Ranger - Herbal Cake (The Reverence Rubdown)
5 - Ali Love - Love Harder (Pros Thomas Discomiks)
6 - Ipso Facto - Ipso Facto (Original Mix)
7 - Gatto Fritto - Illumination
8 - The Crystal Ark - The City Never Sleeps
9 - Nick Chacona - Turning & Tossing
10 - Brinton McKay - Spindle
11 - Conforce - Stop Hold

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mog - His Lordship seems to be well loved up at the moment - what else explains the lovely synth washes and chugging disco on this and DGR 3?


Ron said...

Been spoiled with the latest two mixes, both being fantastic, here's to the next two, enjoy the holidays mate!!!!!!

Moggieboy said...

Yep - he's certainly back in my kinda place, music-wise. Can't wait to hear what's up his wizard's sleeve solo-wise...

David Btn said...

He played down here in Brighton recently at the Fat Cat night. Billed as a Rocker Billy set, he ended up playing the sort of tunes on these mixes. Damm fine night but shame there was only about 10 people in the room.