Friday, 16 July 2010

Peter Murphy w/ Nine Inch Nails - Joy Division Covers

Soundboard rips of an excellent Q101 Chicago Radio Session from 2006.

A timely posting of this for a few reasons: it is pretty much a year to the day that we went to see our final(?) NIN show down at Manchester; we're off to see Peter Murphy at the Classic Grand in a couple of weeks; and Peter Hook is insisting on playing Unknown Pleasures in full with a bunch of young boys at every festival going, after insisting that it would only happen once on the 30th anniversary. "It's what Ian would have wanted". Aye right, ya prick. After a brief moment of thinking that Mr Hook was actually OK, I recently had the misfortune of going to see him with Freebass at King Tuts. Yep - he's a total fud. What was I thinking?

Shame it's not Russ Abbot's Atmosphere but you can't have everything...

Peter Murphy w/ Nine Inch Nails - Joy Division Covers
1 - Dead Souls
2 - Twenty-four Hours
3 - Warsaw
4 - Atmosphere

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Anonymous said...

This is excellent - thanks for this !