Thursday, 15 January 2009

Death Before Disco / Scubadevils - Ministry / Celestial Symphony

This was the first David Holmes record I bought, immediately after hearing Andrew Weatherall playing it at Pure's 3rd birthday party. How do I remember such things? Well, lets just say I was 'in the zone' when 'Ministry' came on. This was the first time I'd heard a Weatherall set in a proper club (Primal Scream gigs not counting), so I didn't have a fuckin clue WHAT it was. A week later I was round at someone's flat and they put it on. Bravo! Wrote it down and got it the next day.

It was always the A-side for me, but I've stuck up the AA-side as well for all you Holmes completists out there.

Death Before Disco - Ministry (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix)

Scubadevils - Celestial Symphony (Angel Delight Mix)

Zipped together on Sendspace to avoid whoring my bandwidth.

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Ctelblog said...

Just whoring your bandwidth

Steve said...

Ah havent heard that for years! Good post mate! Angel delight mix used to get caned round these ere parts. :-)

Moggieboy said...

Cheers guys - lets all whore together!