Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Floating Bloke - In-Flight Entertainment

Bit of an oddity this, an EP on the New Ground label. I think this label was run by the Conemelt/Corridor brigade. I got into them via a certain Mr Weatherall and the releases on Sabres. Lo-fi madness all the way. Plenty of Conemelt/Corridor to follow when I get them back to the flat but this should give you a feel for the New Ground label in the meantime. Check out the accompanying sheet of A4 that came with it. I love this shit, man...

Interesting vinyl-related fact - on the b-side it looks as if the record's finishing (ie needle moves into the centre), but there's an amusing/headfuck 2min magic mushroom induced 'speech' at the end of the track which ends in a lock-groove. I've included it at the end of the 2nd track as it is on the record.

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Deablo said...

Thanks a bunch for this one !

request for the forthcoming days/weeks/months :

A GUY CALLED GERALD Moroccan Black (bonus track of the Automanikk Ltd. LP). It's an amazing track.

Moggieboy said...


Moggieboy said...

Hi Mona - it is indeed Conemelt. The Weatherall stuff? Dunno - I tagged it with that as they were kinda Weatherall prodigys (or so I thought - it was back in January - early days)...