Sunday, 18 January 2009

Galaxie 500 - Here She Comes Now

This post reflects the nick I am in right now, had a bit of a night of it round at a friend's last night and am in need of a nice soothing cover of the BEST BAND EVER, to fuck the pain away. Can't do those nights any more and get away with it the next day.

Saw this trio a few times in the early 90s, and they never disappointed. Was supposed to go and see 2/3 of them, Damon and Naomi, the other night but the rain was pissing down hard and they weren't coming on till 10:30. I'm beginning to feel my age now.

Galaxie 500 - Here She Comes Now

I seem to have become a victim of my own success and all my hotlink accounts are fucked with bandwidth so it's zshare till I get it sorted.

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Anonymous said...

Cool song man (whispering due to your big heid ) p.s. registered with Webadelica 3 times and still havent had an activation,