Monday, 5 January 2009

Red Planet - Ghostdancer Double Pack

This stems from back in 1995 or so, when it was perfectly reasonable to pay £14.99 on a regular basis for a double-pack 12" single. I used to enjoy seeing how carefully I could slit down the shrink wrap so that it kept its shape and didn't shrivel up. What a sad cunt...

So - Red Planet. One-hit-wonders with Stardancer/Cosmic Movement? Surely not - I'd dare to say that as a collection, this is more than a match for that track, although it got a lot more 'playin out' at the likes of Pussypower and Pure. (Scroll a wee bit down here for more on Pure, including a wee mixtape)

7 tracks, which have taken fuckin ages to mp3 - hope some other bastard's not beaten me to it already.

A: Ghostdancer
B1: Medicine Man
B2: Marisian Probes Over Montana
C1: Starchild
C2: The Vanishing Race
D1: The Talking Rocks of Mars
D2: Windwalker

Rather than individual tracks this one's up as a ZIP on Sendspace.

Buy it here


David G said...

Nice one. I was going to request some UR but you hit me first with yer psychic mind bullets.