Tuesday, 12 May 2009

China White - China White EP

Another DJAX EP here, from 1993. Bit of an unusual one, in that the three guys responsible don't look (to me anyway) as if they've done much else. Ever. Two of them had an EP out called Dark Llama and that's it!

It's a great EP as well, dunno what happened after. Mind you, given the not-so-subtle name of their act maybe they chose not to choose life, and we know what happens then, right kids?

After a fairly average low-key A1 track, it all gets going with A2, as so many of those DJAX efforts do. Loads of great acid noises going on, with a nice subtle synth riff sneaking in behind it. B1 tones down the acid a wee bit and ups the strings. B2 is the one I always remember though, a great bass hook that I've heard out and about a few times back in the day...

China White - China White EP
A1 - Theme From The Underground
A2 - Batteries Not Included
B1 - C-Plex
B2 - No Sell Out

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