Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea

Took a wee notion to fire this up after seeing my good lady dancing around the kitchen to it the other morning. Dunno how much of a waste of time it is, as I reckon most of you will have this anyway. So fuck - here's all 7 mixes ripped for your delectation.

Much as I love this Weatherall mix, for once it's not as good as the classic original. I always thought it was a bit weird that the 'original 12" mix' was under 5 mins long, but there you go. B1 mix has a jump on it, but this 12" got played to death back in the pre-decks days on a shitty turntable...

The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea
A1 - 12" Original
A2 - Andrew Weatherall Mix
A3 - Dub Mix
B1 - Journey To Pyramid
B2 - Monsoon Mix
B3 - Graham Massey Mix
B4 - Dumb Child Of Q Mix

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Jason Fist said...

Have to say that as much as I deeply deeply love the original, the more recent Blue States mix is a thing of beauty too.

Tommy said...

so thanks Moggieboy

fred said...

always loved the wee dub mix...

couch boy said...

Love the original mix especially. Thanks for posting. :-)