Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Glenn Underground - GU Essentials

A bit of late-night house here, courtesy of Mr Underground. Not his real name, but 'Colin Underground' just wasn't cutting it back in the day...

These are 4 top quality tunes that live up to the 'Essentials' billing, it's hard to pick out a favourite. There's a few more GU bits'n'bobs kicking around here so keep an eye out if you're into it...

Glenn Underground - GU Essentials
A1 - Trancing (Get On Down)
A2 - Detroitism
B1 - S.J.U.
B2 - Mello Blo

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ymee said...

keep on posting cajual gems!

gally said...

love that strictly jazz unit stuff .still waiting on the minimal nation maman.i used to have a gu album cannie mind the name of it but it was on peacefrog and had a beltin tune called may detriot i dont suppose u have this?

Anonymous said...

Another shout for "Beyond". Get it sorted Moggie.

teleost said...

detroitism bassline.....smooooth. thanks again.