Monday, 11 May 2009

Killing Joke - The Pandemonium Single

After I read Tommy's comment for this post, I realised that I no longer had a copy of the magnificent Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix), as spun by Mr Weatherall many a time in the early 90s. Due to my being a fanny and ditching a perfectly good CD single with i t on it, I bought the fucker on vinyl off Discogs so that I could stick it up here. It's a bit crackle-tastic but that's fine once it gets going.

The three mixes of Pandemonium? A1 = a great 1994-period-trancey mix, courtesy of Man With No Name. A2 = one for the Ministry fans, industrial as hell. B2 = well, they were on Sabres weren't they? Go figure...

Killing Joke - The Pandemonium Single

A1 - Pandemonium (The Dragonfly Mix)
A2 - Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Mix)
B1 - Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix)
B2 - Pandemonium (Waxworth Industries Mix)

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Tommy said...

Ah Moggieboy you've made my far.

Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix) - many thanks for this, and it sounds as great as I last heard it.
It was flange I wanted and this has it in abundance.

I still can't figure how you could have given the CD single away...a rare (or not so?) moment of madness.

Thanks again

Tommy said...

btw - Waxworth Industries - how strangely good was the Book?

Graham said...

Saw original Joke lineup at Heaven in London last Wednesday with Youth on bass. There's nobody can touch them when it comes to raw unflinching energy.

The trance mixes were a bit weird but I think they pulled it off. Nice.