Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Nan Vernon - Elvis Waits... (Secret Knowledge Remixes)

Who the fuck is Nan Vernon, I hear you ask? A quick google reveals that she was in Dave Stewart's band, The Spiritual Cowboys. That was enough for me, but if anyone feels the need a wee click here should quench your thirst for Nan...

The Secret Knowledge mixes? Actually really good. The Aaron-side moves along very nicely, thank you very much. A wee nod to Elvis' middle name, we see what you did there Kris. The Fry Hard Mix(!) is a more dubby affair. Needs-by-numbers? Hmmm - better than a lot of the other stuff he was putting out at this point.

Maybe if I don't big-it-up too much, the Chemical Beats blog won't nick my rip and stuck it up as his own. Other bloggers beware - this chancer is re-posting stuff that I've carefully ripped, tagged and uploaded, having checked his ID3 tags (petty, I know). I notice that lots of the other stuff he's put up has been previously posted on other blogs too. I say avoid the cunt...

Nan Vernon - Elvis Waits... (Secret Knowledge Remixes)
A - Secret Knowledge Aaron Mix
B - Secret Knowledge Fry Hard Mix

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