Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - The Reptile House EP

Time for a reappraisal? Check out this article in The Quietus, summing up my thoughts precisely on The Sisters. In the pre-Primal Scream days I prone to wearing the odd bit of black clothing and bought up the entire catalogue of The Sisters Of Mercy. Fuckin loved them, and regret the day I sold all their stuff.

During a 2-week temporary job in 1995, this guy let it slip that he had a mail order record business. I got one of his catalogues and it was mostly pish like U2 and Queen, but I saw that he had one Sisters record for sale. I was skint at the time, and had all these Sisters and Mission records that were worth fuck all in 1995. Ended up selling the lot to him for £200 - he was using the Record Collector price guide which hadn't taken account of the fact that no-one gave a fuck about embarrassing dodgy goth records at that time, result!

Never regretted selling the Mission stuff, but in recent times I've taken a wee notion for the Sisters again. Went to a record fair in Glasgow recently and picked this up (again) for the princely sum of £3.00 - I sold it for more than that! Best tune? Fix, by a bawhair.

Credibility on the line here, but who gives a fuck. Check out this YouTube clip to see them in their full glory...

The Sisters Of Mercy - The Reptile House EP
A1 - Kiss The Carpet
A2 - Lights
AA1 - Valentine
AA2 - Fix
AA3 - Burn
AA4 - Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)

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Echorich said...

Your cred is miles higher with a nod to the Reptile House E.P. This is a benchmark. Remember Goth is a legit outgrowth of Post Punk, it's roots in the punk infancy of The Banshee's and others. Eldritch and Co. gave it swagger, some polished chrome wheels at times maybe, but TRH EP is raw, and sharp like a stiletto blade.

Novemberer said...

Doktor Avalanche in the house! Been sometime since I heard this (my copy's at my folks' I think), I used to worship these gents "back in t'day" (i.e. pre-Wayne fucking Hussey). Did Eldritch & Alan Vega ever hook up - they should've done?