Sunday, 5 July 2009

One Dove - White Love

Just the thing for a strung-out Sunday comedown, and another thinly veiled drug reference from One Dove.

A1 sees Stephen Hague in 'gonnae get us on the Radio 1 playlist?' mode. He didn't quite manage it though, they bombed which was a shame.

'The Professionals' were the three members of One Dove alongside Sabres backroom boys Jagz & Gary, who provide a great strung out thudding bass-heavy mix.

If you head straight for the aptly named Guitar Paradise Mix as I initially did, you're in for a treat of epic proportions.

Three great mixes of a great single by great underachievers...

One Dove - White Love
A1 - White Love (Radio Mix)
A2 - White Love (Meet The Professionals Dub)
B - White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the One Dove, I agree with your comments, real shame they only managed the one album.