Friday, 7 August 2009

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - 1st August 2009

Hi folks - back on task again after a few weeks of madness. Expect plenty of blogging in the foreseeable future as I've got fuck-all money left to do anything else. Just had the holiday of a lifetime in Thailand though, so worth every penny (or baht).

Oh aye, Latitude festival was ace as well - musical highlights were Phoenix, Fever Ray, Spiritualized, Nick Cave and a mindblowing audio-visual experience from the Pet Shop Boys. Only slightly let down by the amount of "just out of private school and spending daddy's money getting pissed and annoying every other cunt at my first festival" fuds though...

NIN and Janes Addiction seems like a lifetime ago but both were fab (I preferred Janes Addiction though).

So - here's the latest Weatherall 6 mix that was on the other night. Is it sad as fuck that pretty much the first thing I did when I got off the plane after a 33hr round trip was to get the computer fired up and set it to rip this before heading to bed? Probably, but there you go. Just woke up after a marathon kip and here it is. Aint had a chance to listen to it yet but it's on just now and sounds not too shabby.

Got an email from the peeps at Rotters to say that his album's finally out on 21st September, titled "A Pox On The Pioneers". Check out the artwork below. Also - Anton over at Electronic Music Vector Logotypes has done a super high quality Sabres logo for you to download and get on t-shirts, mugs, mouse-mats or whatever the fuck you want. Magnificent!

Andrew Weatherall - 6 Mix - 1st August 2009
D Edwardson - Cutting the Funk
The Kickstands - Scrambler
Tom Allalone & the 78s - Crashland
Unknown Artist - Penny
Tav Falco - Real Cool Trash
Dex Romweber Duo feat .Jack White - Last Kind Word Blues
Reichmann - Titel
The Urban Voodoo Machine - Orphan's Lament
Terry Hall & Mushtaq - Ten Eleven
Blind Blake - John B. Sail
Tinariwen - Imdiwan Afrik Tendam
Brenda Ray - Starlight
Ian Hunter - Arms And Legs
Lotus Plaza - Quicksand
Paul Haig - Ghostrider
The Crestones - Motorcycle
Crocodiles - Flash Of Light
Detachments - Heard A Lie
Detachments - Heard A Lie (Weatherall Disco remix)

The Glimmers - Est Si Esta No
Unknown - White Label
Mugwump - Tellakian Circles
D.A.F - Do You Love Me Too (Coko Carina edit)
Neville Watson - Time To Lose Control
Pressure System - The Voice From Planet Love
Andrew Weatherall - Liar With Wings (Ian Weatherall & Ian Carter remix)

Pre-order the album here


Anonymous said...

glad to have you back. thanks for the wevvers :-)

swissadam said...

Welcome home. I got back from France and almost immediately had to get the iplayer up to listen to the Weatherall show. Great to have a rip of it. Ta.

Moggieboy said...

Cheers guys - it's kinda good to be back (not really but u know what I mean)...

ugomonio said...

I have listened sample-album "A Pox On The Pioneers", it is fine, in style electronic/indie-pop, and there is magnificent oldschool track "All The Little Things (That Make Life Worth Living)"

Moggieboy said...

Yep - heard a 'sample' myself and cannae wait to get my paws on the real thing. Rest assured it won't be getting posted on here. Go buy it, kids...

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Dark War