Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Corridor - Minimally Yours

So, went round to my mate's flat the other night and swapped a few old-for-new. Thought I'd posted all my Corridor/Conemelt 12"s but had forgotten about this one. This was a great find, a double-pack of minimal acid techno lo-fi madness from The (ever sinister) Corridor.

Track A is an 11-min lo-fi acid track that just slowly builds and builds to a massive in-yer-face climax at the end. A magnificent start to the EP.

B1 is a much quieter affair, lots of fluttering lo-fi percussive noises for about 5 mins, before it crashes straight into B2 (I've left it as the one track - no way of separating these). This is much more like it - B1 works as a nice low-key intro to B2, almost lulling you into a false sense of security. Then...

C starts off electro-tastic, with a machine-like vocal saying "greetings humanoids", in a similar kinda stylee to this UR record from before. A much quieter affair than the previous tracks. Lots of percussion and the occasional machine-vocal until some more sinister noises start creeping in (about the 6min mark - this is a LONG EP). The percussion gets a bit darker at about 10mins in. This track is very PWOG, now that I think about it. A kinda apt track title, as at the 17min mark(!) I had to check to see if it was indeed a lock groove, but nope - it goes on right till the 21 minute mark then fades out. Cheeky/sneaky bastards...

Track D finishes things off in suitably insane acid style, before synth and guitar(?) wash over the mix, a great finish to a great EP, and relatively short as well, coming at a measly 9 minutes...

The Corridor - Minimally Yours - A&B
A - Squidge
B1 - Headset
B2 - Solavox

The Corridor - Minimally Yours - C&D
C - Lock Groove
D - Optimus

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