Friday, 14 August 2009

Dynamic Wave - Dynamic Wave

This is on the Italian Nature label, same as this post from earlier on. Five very different sounding tracks here, which are summed up very nicely by a reviewer on Discogs as thus:

"While relying on the same kind of sounds, the five tracks on this record manage to cover a wide spectrum of moods. On side B, Sick Birds Rage is made of rather happy breaks with warm synth lines; Spiritual Spasm is more on the intelligent-Acid tip over a slow pace broken beat; Cosmic Weather has a very maritime feel to it. On side A, the story is way different: dark distressing synth and Acid over industrial-tainted broken beats for Xinuxoid, dark vocals and nice synth on Krygenic that sound like dawn after a medieval battle."

So there you go - I hadn't listened to this for at least 10 years but was very glad to stick it on this afternoon. Any Aphex Twin fans in the house should dig this one...

Dyamic Wave - Dynamic Wave
A1 - Xinuxoid
A2 - Krygenic
B1 - Sick Bird's Rage
B2 - Spiritual Spasm
B3 - Cosmic Weather

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