Monday, 31 August 2009

God Of The Machine - Nude Machinery

A nice wee EP on Mr C's Plink Plonk label, from 1996.

'God Of The Machine' is actually someone called Derrick Thompson, who's been quite prolific under his own name and as Drivetrain over the years.

Quite Detroit-y in sound, the A-side is a speedy, metallic percussive number. B1 slows it down a bit, and has lots of punchy metallic stabs before a flanged bit *yaaay* comes in at around the 4mins mark. B2 brings the pace down a bit more for a very Carl Craig-style melodic track which has some lush noises

It's one of those 'one side plays at 45, the other at 33' jobbies as well, which is nice...

God Of The Machine - Nude Machinery
A - Nude Machinery
B1 - The Mighty 4
B2 - Behind The Steel Curtain

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