Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wayne Gardiner - Project 27

This is a Peacefrog EP from 1998, from someone I know very little about. It reminds me very much of the Glenn Underground stuff I've been putting up, and features a remix from Dan Curtin, as well as a 'cover' of sampled-to-fuck disco classic Spank, by Jimmy "Bo" Horne.

If Dan's reading this, hope you don't mind this upload but I've avoided your stuff ever since the email and this is only a remix of someone else's tune. Lemme know if you want this one taken down as well, no probs.

It's quite a quiet pressing (unusual for Peacefrog), so I've bumped the levels up and it seems to sound OK.

Track A1 is very GU, for the folk who have been digging those posts, but I go straight for the Curtin remix on A2, it's a but more up my avenue. It's got a mad distorted organ sound that takes over at some points which I fuckin love. It's that kinda snowball trippy, which was all but a distant memory back in 1998 *gets all wistful*...

The 'cover' on B1's a bit muffled at the start (going for that 'old skool' sound?) and only slightly recognisable, but I guess that's the nature of the beast.

B2? Well I dunno what happened to Pt 1 but Pt 2's a very nice melodic housey number that's well worth a punt. Go check it oot.

1998? that's nearly as close as you get before it all finishes (ie circa internet time). Tomorrow we'll go back, Back, BACK...

Wayne Gardiner - Project 27
A1 - To Be Free Again
A2 - To Be Free Again (Dan Curtin Remix)
B1 - Spank It
B2 - Rapid Winds Pt. 2

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karl said... of the few pieces of vinyl from my old collection that i didn't rip, but i should've. the curtin mix on this is great!!! gardiner's stuff is dope, too...thank you!!!