Friday, 16 October 2009

Andrew Weatherall - Live At Lowlands 2007 / Bloodsugar 1

A couple of weeks ago when 'Jim' sent me the CD containing the marathon set with Ivan Smagghe he also included this baby, from 2007 at the Lowlands festival. It came with his highest recommendation.

Sure enough, it's a belter of a mix. Must be from round about the same time as Watch The Ride must have been put together going by the set. Thanks again for the CD Jim!

Just getting myself in the mood for later on, already listened to the Bloodsugar 1 mix today which is sounding as stunning as ever. Just to clear up a few of the comments in previous posts, here is a high quality version of BS1 in its original form as an Essential Mix, but unfortunately has Pete Tong on the top. It's worth it for the great quality. Coming at'cha courtesy of the Slam forum (tracklisting in link).

If tonight's set's a fraction as good as either of these fellas we're in for a real treat. Wonder how he'll be looking...

Andrew Weatherall - Live At Lowlands 2007

Andrew Weatherall - Essential Mix Oct 1996 <-- direct link


James said...

My pleasure Mog - enjoy tonight and do congratulate the old sod on his new album if you get the chance.

The 360 mix above is nice too - very similar set list to the wrong meeting sessions of the same period - finishing with the only decent thing to have ever had the name 'Robbie Williams' against it.

Pip pip


mrrey23 said...

I remember the Melody Maker article the jpg posted was taken from. Many, many moons ago. First time encountering Mr Weatherall and haven't been the same since....