Thursday, 1 October 2009

Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure

Q: What has R&S got in common with Pete Waterman?

A: This old-skool classic on R&S from 1992, I shit you not.

This was sampled to fuck on the ned-rave 'classic' Rave Generator by Toxic Two which came out on that cutting-edge dance label, PWL...

... kinda weird as the A1 mix on this is by Damon Wild and Ray Love, aka Toxic Two.

The A1 version here's a bit slower than that one and doesn't contain the cheesy Sueno Latino samples. I reckon Damon and Ray were going for a quick buck from the glowstick brigade, so that they could record beautiful tracks like this one.

The A2 mix has that kinda early trancey sound that a lot of R&S stuff (eg Stella) was going for round about that time - a very slow flange stretched over a few bars.

Get this though - B1's speeded up a bit, adds a bit of crowd noises and a breakbeat. Fuck me, I'm off to get a pair of white gloves and an Altern-8 mask - it's the same tune as the Toxic Two one! It's even got the siren noises and the sample from Sueno Latino. Check it out here if you don't believe me. According to the credits this track is written by Johan and Tommy Rombouts, and produced by Frank de Wulf. No mention of Wild or Love here, and no mention of the other three on the label for the Toxic Two one either by the look of that YouTube clip.

*sigh* is it any wonder I get confused all the time. Now where did I put that Reynolds Girls 12"...

Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure
A1 - Pure Pleasure (Rave Mix)
A2 - Pure Pleasure (Repeat Until Mix)
B1 - Pure Pleasure (Original)
B2 - Pure Pleasure (Pure Bonus Mix)

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Anonymous said...

I heard (somewhere) that originally both guys worked on the track then fell out before releasing it. They both claimed ownership hence the 2 releases. Doesn't need to be said that the R&S one is the better of the two.


About a fight I dunno ^^

But Damon told me they worked indeed 'together' and it's more like 'I make you this remix andyou can use that sound from me' kinda thing.

Funny thing is that ya point out Symphony Of Love as the both releases shameless rip the melodies of 2 foreign tunes.

Symphony Of Love - Tranquility uses the exact melody of the German act Cipher Code - Free Ozone, a compilation only track.

Symphony Of Love - Quantum Leap uses the exact melody of the Italian act Alien Signal - Quantum Limit.

Now go wonder who made that melody wich is used by Digital Excitation and Toxic Two ;)

ps - big shout to Damon as he is a truly nice lad!

Moggieboy said...

The plot thickens!

Johan said...

Sorry guys, but i need to point out here that I absolutely know for sure that Tommy an Johan were the originators of the track. The version with the sirenes and kraftwerk samples came later. Pure pleasure was first released on the 'miki house records' label.