Thursday, 29 October 2009

Finitribe - 101 (Weatherall Mixes)

Classic early Weatherall mixes from 1991.

This is mistakenly labelled as "Sonic Shuffe - The Weatherall Mixes" when it's actually "101 - three Weatherall mixes and one other mix which may or may not be Weatherall under a nom-de-plume" - I guess it's not got the same ring to it though. According to the ever-reliable (and new-look) Discogs, the A2 mix is by "Scooby Doo & Shaggy 2" who have no info on 'them' on the site. *sigh* - it isn't easy, is it?

Anyway... A1 and B1 do indeed shuffle along, they almost sound like they could have come out of Manchester (it was 1991). Nice heavy bass throughout. A2 does away with the shuffling sound and sounds a bit more like Finitribe. B2 features the "point of most intensity" vocal sample, and a piano hook that reminds me of 'On' by Aphex Twin. All very good.

One of the few records that I have that's still got the reaction sheet in it. I've scanned it and if you feel the need you can see it here and here.

I mentioned it before, but Finitribe member Chris Connelly's book, 'My Life As A Revolting Cock' is well worth a read. Such depravity...

Finitribe - 101 (Weatherall Mixes)
A1 - 101 (Sonic Shuffle Edit)
A2 - 101 (Backflip)
B1 - 101 (Sonic Shuffle)
B2 - 101 (Intensity Mix)

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Ctelblog said...

Total classic

swissadam said...

I agree. Totally cool