Friday, 23 October 2009

Glenn Underground - Do

A great Glenn Underground EP from 1994 on Cajual. Haven't had one of them up for ages.

Just found a shelf there that I hadn't looked at for a while and pulled out this baby. This 12" was supposed to feature his I Feel Love mix, but it got pulled due to legal issues. A few sneaked out though, which you can pick up for a mere £50 quid or so if you feel the need. It turned up on this bootleg later though, of course.

Four great tracks, A1 features a great phased guitar sample, sudden bursts of strings and a great melody of a snatch of vocal sample. Magnificent stuff to start things off. A2's got this brilliant bassline with a guitar riff and twisted continuous synth note that just makes me wanna dance. This was always a favourite GU EP of mine.

Dunno who Rob is/was, but his 'dance' is certainly a winner over on B1. Maybe he was in action down at Genie's night, as featured on the following tune. These tracks have all got a really quick fade on them Maybe Glenn was in a hurry to get down the Disco...

Right that's put me in the mood for some good dancin' tunes. Next post's gonna take the action back to Europe. France, maybe...

*EDIT* just went for a couple of pints while that was uploading. Ain't gonna happen tonight. Cannae wait for BBC4's Krautrock doc on at 9pm then the subsequent Kraftwerk show. Tomorrow = no money = probs a few posts...

GU - Do
A1 - Do
A2 - Functions
B1 - Rob's Dance
B2 - Genie's Disco

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Moggieboy said...

Beyond? Yep definitely got that one. Will attempt to find it...