Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ohm - Tribal Tone (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)

Seeing how there's been no Weatherall for a while...

Here are three Sabres mixes of an early 90s track which I previously had on Global Cuts, but it wasn't that great a tune in its original incarnation. I only bought it 'cos I was getting everything on Global Cuts, but then realised that the label had gone pretty shite pretty quickly.

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this 12" - Hubba Hubba (a Falkirk based label)? Ohm off Global Cuts? Sabres mixes? Whit the fuck...

Mix-wise these remind me of the Espiritu ones that were done around the same time. Weirdly the one short(ish) track gets a whole side to itself and the two biggies have to share the flip. Odd.

A timely reminder to all Glasgow viewers that Mr Weatherall is on at the inaugural Bastard Dancehall at Stereo on Friday, alongside Martin from Rub-A-Dub. I'm (seriously) gonna have to raid my piggy bank for cash as I went a bit nuts in London at the weekend and the bank machine will probably swallow my card...

Ohm - Tribal Tone (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)
A - Tribal Tone (Sabres Mix #1)
AA1 - Tribal Tone (Sabres Mix #2)
AA2 - Tribal Tone (Sabres Mix #3)

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Anonymous said...

I was at the 13/10 show. Possibly the best live show I've ever seen. Cheers for the recording.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moggie,

I would dig deep into that piggy bank if I were you as Mr Weatherall is on fire at the moment. Caught him at Boy's Own in London the weekend before last and he played an amazing deep house/techno set that kept the dancefloor rocking and all the househeads drooling over the tunes he played.

I had a chat with Andrew before he played and he told me that as it was a "reunion party" he agreed to DJ on the basis that he played new records only. Which is exactly what he did !!

Your blog is great BTW, keep up the good work. I can't believe I've finally got the Sabres mixes of Switzerland which I haven't stopped playing for the past couple of weeks. I tried to get these back in the day but not even the Sabres could get their hands on a copy!!!



Ctelblog said...

Good post. Saves me covering them when I get to "O"