Friday, 16 October 2009

Random XS - As It Takes

Excellent acid track from 1994 on the DJAX label.

Posting the Optimo mix below put me in the mood for some Pure-style acid.

A1 starts with a vocal loop of "Can I taste" (girl), "Can I taste" (boy), "Can I taste" (girl), repeats it for a couple of minutes then lets the 303 riff sneak in and take over the mix for another epic acid journey courtesy of Random XS.

A couple of great tracks on the flip make this another great DJAX EP.

So... Weatherall tonight then. I'm going as Moggie-nae-pals as m'lady is entertaining folk (worky pals, ie not up for this kinda nonsense), mates are all either too skint, no well, or on holiday to exotic places like Vegas and Spain. Cunts! Considered not going but couldn't contemplate missing another Glasgow show, especially as 2009 has been a classic Weatherall year. Will head in about midnight and hopefully see a few familiar faces.

I'll give a full match report when I return to planet earth which may or may not be tomorrow...

Random XS - As It Takes
A - As It Takes
B1 - Hi-Q
B2 - Aftermath

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Anonymous said...

loving the acid :D