Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Various - Magic Tracks Featuring Juan Atkins

This was released on the Tresor label back in 1995.

An odd credit for an EP (but essentially true), as this is essentially two Juan Atkins tracks (A1 & B2) with accompanying tracks by Ron Cook (who worked with Juan in Audiotech) and Drexcyia on each side. Who gives a fuck though - it's classic Juan on A1 & A4 with THAT Detroit sound over a great eager drum track (A1) and a slightly slower but equally fab track on B2 that's got some great muffled nonsense going on at the end of it.

A2's got a brilliant bit towards the end where all the sounds get fucked up/changed up/down and the riff charges along regardless. I love this kinda shit. B1 is a very noisy affair, with the sort of sounds you'd associate with an electro track over a techno beat. Very Drexciya, in other words.

Right - two early posts today as I managed to sneak out of work early. Now got to get my best mid 80s goth clobber looked out before heading east to go and see The Cult doing Love. Its 2009 for fuck's sake - what a sad cunt I am...

Various - Magic Tracks Featuring Juan Atkins
1.01. - Infiniti - Flash Flood
1.02. - Ron Cook - FFWD
2.01. - Drexciya - Positron Island
2.02. - Infiniti - Hardrive

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Mona said...

Thanx for this too. Missed it first time round for some reason.