Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Radioactive Man - The Uranium E.P.

RGC 003 courtesy of Mr Tenniswood, from 2001.

A beautiful EP, fairly chilled but still with a wee bounce or two. Lots of electro/breaks noises with some fab bass hooks throughout.

Keith Tenniswood is often overlooked when you hear about Two Lone Swordsmen - quite unfairly I think, although I am guilty of omitting his name from the labels on any previous Keith-related posts. I've seen him a couple of times at the Soundhaus in Glasgow and it's always been a great night (unlike most other nights in there - always mildly disappointing).

This is the only record I have which mentions Mad Dog 20/20 wine - a favourite fruity teenage tipple amongst my friends, particularly when the small town where I grew up somehow managed to ban Buckfast (THE drink of the local neds, ideally washed down with a few jellies for maximum effect). I think it was an agreement between the local booze merchants and the cops. Didn't work though, as anyone who had a car often got propositioned at knifepoint by a couple of neds to go to the neighbouring village to stock up on the bionic tonic.

Ah, heady days back in darkest Lanarkshire...

Radioactive Man - The Uranium E.P.
A1 - Uranium
A2 - Strong Booze (MD 20/20)
B1 - Sight & Sound
B2 - Through Mist At 200

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Ron said...

Another fine post, MB did you go to the RGC night at The Venue in Edinburgh around 6-7 years ago???? Top night, most of the punters were at Slam upstairs but Andrew and Keith still played a great set of total machine funk

9f said...

Great tunes. I still play the album a lot. Went to see him do the album live with Andy Weatherall doing a dj set first in that place in Edinburgh old town that burnt down a few years back. The sound of the machines live was astonishing.

Moggieboy said...

Hey Ron it was just Glasgow I saw him. After the burst of Pure in about 93-95 I kinda avoided Edinburgh as much as possible...

9f said...

Hey Ron...reckon it was just after the university year had started and it was full of plooky faced 17 year olds clutching their pints elbows out on the dance floor! :-) .