Monday, 16 November 2009

PWOG - Peel Session

Vinyl release of the Peel Session which was broadcast on 10th June 1994.

This features alternate recordings of Pull & Break from the Rhythms Vol 1 double-pack I posted last week, and a different version of Dust from the Out Now! 12".

Track B1 has to be listened to on headphones as it moves from left to right and back again - a good demonstration of the concept of 'stereo' for someone who doesn't understand it. It merges into scary ambient B2 as one track so I've left it as one track on the mp3.

Fuck knows what the John Peel listeners made of this, I know he played some mental stuff but this is out there. Bet he fuckin loved it though. I still miss the old cunt, although one of his sons (using the original 'Ravenscroft' name) has been on 6music a few times filling in for people and he's been like a chip off the old block music-wise. Banter's not bad either, but I've yet to hear him play a record at the wrong speed...

PWOG - Peel Session
A - Pull
B1 - Break
B2 - Dust

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Mona said...

Another belter, thanx again. Enjoy yr b/day!