Friday, 30 April 2010

Factory Floor - Untitled

4-track mini album released recently on Blast First Petite.

I saw this lot supporting Fuck Buttons last Saturday night and they blew them off the stage. I'd been desperate to see them for ages after hearing about them a few months ago and they did not disappoint. Officially my favourite new band as of this minute. You're not getting the full thing as that wouldn't be on, instead I've randomly plumped for track B1.

What do they sound like? Well, I've heard them described as gothic electro but that doesn't do them justice. There was a drummer, a dude on analogue synth and a girl playing a guitar with a violin reed. The two non-drummers also did bits of vocal. Sounds pretty wanky but I assure you they sounded magnificent. I had been desperate to get my paws on this release (clear vinyl 10" with accompanying DVD) but for some reason Monorail didn't get it in. Thank fuck they sold it at the gig. The perfect Optimo band as well - hopefully they'll get them up again quickly for the new night.

It's been a busy-as-hell few weeks for gigs (April and October = always the same) - LCD Soundsystem set the Barras on fire last night with a set which included a fab cover of Carl Craig's Throw, and we're off down to London tomorrow to go and see The Stooges and Suicide on Sunday night. No doubt a booze-fuelled trundle round Berwick Street's record shops will be in order at some point as ever - cannae wait.

Blast First Petite? Where's my next Suicide 10"? That's been fuckin AGES now since the last one...

Factory Floor - Untitled
A1 - Lying
A2 - 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
B1 - A Wooden Box
B2 - Solid Sound
DVD - Solid Sound Video

Buy it here
Factory Floor on Myspazz


Anonymous said...

Temporarily unavailable :-(

the saucer people said...

I first heard a track by Factory Floor via 20JFG a few months back and instantly had that gut feeling that comes after decades of wasting my life obsessing over bands that they are going to be huge....of course any girl that sings in that brittle eighties gothic style is inevitably going to be labelled as a "Siouxsie clone" to be honest, it reminded me more of bands like Brigandage/Blood & Roses (quick history lesson for the "kids" :early eighties postpunk bands that were briefly labelled 'positive punk' before the 'gothic' tag came into vogue) or a similar singing style to Xmal Deutschland (early eighties German band with two lead singers that were so beautiful my 15 year old self followed them around the country and probably annoyed the hell out of them!)

Love the 'Wooden Box' track you posted, definately getting that EP (see corporate media whores, putting up new tracks does work), of course its hard not to think of Suicide but to be honest while many bands drop their name, very very few manage to capture that raw feel and FF sound like they their mothers were playing Frankie Teardrop while they were in labour...the pay off at the end sounds like I remember the Mary Chain used to sound before they slouched off stage...all in all I anticipate the trendy yoof blogs will be all over them in a month or heard it first in RIG!

>> I had the same message with megaupload then refreshed the page and it was fine....less clicking, more refreshing ;)

Moggieboy said...

I'll get that 10" up for you in a couple of days. Out of Glasgow just now which is SHITE. Will put a comment here when it's back up. said...


johnnyboy said...

Factory Floor did a FACT mix back in Feb '09. Linkage here
They were minus the lady back then. Will have to check out their new sound now that it's getting the RIG seal of approval. Thumbs aloft.

Moggieboy said...

I got both those 12"s, anon. Each one a winner, although I think I prefer the Morris one (surprisingly)...