Friday, 16 April 2010

Two Lone Swordsmen - Big Silver Shining Motor Of Sin EP

12" EP released on Warp from 2004.

So, yesterday's madness too much for you? Prefer to get a nice wee easy-to-digest dose of Two Lone Swordsmen rather than 17hrs, 16 mins and 54 seconds of live stuff (according to my iTunes)? Nae bother - here you go then.

This came out round about the same time as the Double Gone Chapel album, but it's much more electronic, hence (I'm guessing) why it wasn't included. Same format as the Sex Beat 12" - you get two Weatherall vocal-led tunes on side A, and their instrumental/dub counterparts over on the flip.

I don't know who I'm trying to kid on that I'm done with blogging, it's much less hassle just to fire stuff up when I'm in the mood though, rather than the daily juggernaut of postings that was 2009. Mind you, Google/Blogger seem to be pressing the big [DELETE] button on lots of blogs these days (cheerio Acid Ted) so catch it while it's hot. I always try not to upload stuff that people are likely to be actually buying though, and always amend/pull if asked to do so - mind you that doesn't seem to stand for much, especially considering that stuff like this is still on the go). It's a funny old world...

Two Lone Swordsmen - Big Silver Shining Motor Of Sin EP
A1 - Showbizz Shotguns
A2 - Feast
B1 - Showbizz Shotguns (Instrumental)
B2 - Feast (Dub)

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Dubrobots said...

I don't comment that often, but it's good to have you (and people like you)around, even if it's only intermittently. A lot of blogs from my favourites list have disappeared over the last few weeks (Acid Ted included), so any that manage to stick around are now even more important. Keep on trucking fella, you're very much appreciated.

Gay Jonny Boy said...

as of today this blog is getting deleted from my Favorites in Firefox - sorry but there is nothing being posted that I want and Im pretty sure that you will eventually post a nude photo of Weatherall so I have to leave before that happens !

swiss adam said...

Have you got a nude picture of Weatherall?

BZA said...

Very well said in the above post
(The Saucer People) although I assumed the previous post being referred to was a joke....
If it wasn't then...fuck 'em!


Anyway, just had to say once again Moggieboy, I salute you! Thought I was pretty knowledgable regarding the AW/2LS discography - especially the more recent material - but fuck me, I've never even HEARD of this!!! Double Gone Chapel era with more emphasis on electronics you say...?
I'm there man - thanks again!
With a vast back catalogue of goodies here, and the frankly scary amounts of live AW/2LS posted on the's overwhelming. But with much happiness!

Thanks again, cheers, and have a great weekend!