Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Betty Botox Presents... The World Of Betty Botox

Rare 2xLP from Glasgow's own sultry diva, Betty Botox, from 2005.

So - went to my last Optimo there on Sunday night. There are two more to go but there's no way I can make either of them, so this was our big farewell. FUCK ME - it was the best one I've ever had. Crowd were totally up for it, and the tunes ticked all the boxes including lots of Optimo classics, what sounded like Merzbow(!) at one point, along with a brilliant industrial track and a bit of Bauhaus which kept the smile on my (ex?) goth girlfriend's coupon all night. Not to mention a few Pure anthems including a couple with Hoover noises thrown in (always a good thing). Add in a couple of en-masse singalongs at the end and there you have it. Mental. JD Twitch reported that it was the best atmosphere that he had seen in 23 years of DJing and I'll not argue with that - magnificent stuff. Fuck knows what they're going to pull out of the bag for the last couple (I've heard the words 'Divine impersonator' bandied about though)...

I've finally recovered, this being Wednesday an' all that, so here's three tracks (side B) off a set of "quantized bootleg re-edits made suitable for mixing" from in-house slut Betty, which should be familiar to anyone who's been to the club. The original tracks are in brackets after the Botox'd titles, so as you can see it's a pretty fuckin varied list. The full album is available digitally from Juno if you like what you hear here.

I've gone on and on about Optimo in the past and it has been a life changing club (alongside predecessor Pure), but the time has come to move on to pastures new. I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunity to go and see the cunts DJ in the future at one-offs and whatnot so no need to panic (might even manage to fit one in this Friday). However, the end is nigh for this particular vehicle.

Cheers Twitch, cheers Wilkes, it's been a great 12 and a bit years of madness...

Betty Botox Presents... The World Of Betty Botox (edited highlights)
B1 - Back To The Piano Magic ('Going Back To My Roots' by Richie Havens)
B2 - It Is S'ex Yr After ('Is It Love You're After' by Rose Royce)
B3 - Set Me Free ('Set Me Free' by David Matthews)

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cost-of-botox said...

I think you should put up a before and after picture!.As far as the Botox goes, I say do whatever makes you feel good about yourself! I get regular facials at my derm, and Lord knows Botox is in my future!
-Is it very expensive?

nathan said...

Your picture is hahahaaa....

shortswiss said...

Hey man, fellow scot here
any chance of a re-up of this one?


Moggieboy said...

I'll have a rummage about and see what I can do.

shortswiss said...

Alright cheers.
It's really only track B1 I was after - if that easier.
Quality site too.
Also, seeing as its where you stay, I was invited to recruitment day at the Tennents Training Academy in Glasgow on Wednesday 22nd of April.
I live too far away to go but lots good contacts - just heads up if you know anyone looking for work.
Thanks again