Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Suicide - Ghost Riders

Tenth Anniversary gig, recorded at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in Sept 1981.

For no other reason than I'm feeling pretty darn excited about seeing this pair in a few weeks down at the Hammersmith Apollo, here's a rip of a nicely packaged vinyl reissue that popped out in 1998.

I would have loved to have been at this gig - it sounds completely fucking mental. Mind you, any gigs I've heard by them are completely fucking mental (esp this one).

As I type this, I am hearing via 6 Music that Liam Gallagher is indeed the best frontman of all time, so before I go and slash my wrists please take the time to download and listen to this wee gem. If any of you are heading to the Stooges/Suicide gig on Sunday 2nd May, lemme know and I'll happily buy you a pint to say 'thanks' for following this blog.


Suicide - Ghost Riders
A1 - Rocket USA
A2 - Rock n' Roll (Is Killing My Life)
A3 - Ghost Rider
A4 - Dream Baby Dream
B1 - Sweet White Lady
B2 - Harlem
B3 - 96 Tears

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Novemberer said...

I was playing Sonic Boom's cover of "Rock'n'Roll Is Killing My Life" only the other day. I appear to have this live set as a Roir cassette in a totally different, very 80s sleeve, nice...

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that ROIR are reissuing GHOST RIDERS in CD format at the end of this month.

Though, from memory, I think the GHOST RIDERS was released on CD by DANCETERIA label back in '94 / '95.

A perfect companion to the essential six CD '77 - '78 SUICIDE box-set!

Those STOOGES / SUICIDE gigs in May are gonna be awesome!


BZA said...


Moggieboy - thanks a million for uploading this 'electronic anarchy' indeed...just happened across your blog today - quick look at the past shows a major Weatherall bias - fantastic!

Sadly unable to make the Suicide/Stooges show which I know i'm gonna regret - due to issues beyond my control I can't get to even local show at the mo and purchases are currently postpones...still, beautiful evening in Glasgow tonite and this has cheered me up no end...

CHEERS - keep up the good work!

Moggieboy said...

Cheers BZA, welcome aboard! Not posting too often these days but was posting like a bastard last year. Any dead links you come across just leave a comment and I'll get on the case.

Moggieboy said...

Agreed, phidget - I'm not fussed about the Stooges, and wouldn't have considered the tickets/expense if it weren't for this pair.

TonyFaeFife said...

i'm heading down. overnight megabus both ways. like the old days...